Project Ironstone is one of the most ambitious technical endeavours of modern times with applications spanning a broad spectrum including:

– vehicle accident avoidance;
– military operations;
– medical alerts;
– aircraft failure recovery;
– high impact law enforcement situations.

By blending high-end physics with super-computing, Triochron Industries intends to take cutting-edge theoretical research and extend that into the real-world realm, with momentous scientific implications and far-reaching practical applications.


Imagine complex calculations performed faster than even the most powerful super-computers – civilian or military.

Imagine alerts arriving with unprecedented speed and saving lives that might otherwise have been lost, or protecting the vital infrastructure that we rely on daily.

Imagine the extreme limits of computing… and then push the boundary a little farther beyond.

Project Ironstone doesn’t just have the potential to change the world of computing – it has the potential to change the world.

From the Director

Project Ironstone is exciting not just because of the tremendous practical benefits it could potentially produce, but also because to make it all happen, we will have to push the farthest limits of our understanding of physics.  It is this exploration – this pioneering journey of discovery to redefine the accepted laws of physics that both intrigues and inspires me.

Project Ironstone has the potential to be a defining moment in the evolution of our knowledge of physics and I feel privileged to be a part of it.