Project Mirramar



Project Mirramar has been conceived to bring new weapons to the fight against one of humanity’s oldest and most ruthless enemies – cancer.  

Each year, cancer claims the lives of nearly 50,000 Australians with that number rising to over 150,000 in the UK and more than 500,000 in the United States.  

Like all matter in the universe, cancerous cells are bound together by, and owe their very survival to, interactions between atoms and molecules – interactions that can be disrupted if you know what you’re looking for and how to do it.  Project Mirramar aims to harness the power of physics in developing a revolutionary new cancer treatment; not just for keeping malignant cells in check, but annihilating them entirely.  


Imagine a world where cancer can be treated as a day procedure, without the need for invasive and risky surgery – a world where we view the time when people once died from cancer in the same incredulous way as we now view the time when an infected scratch could be a death sentence.  

Imagine never having to discover that your particular cancer has a ninety percent mortality rate or, even worse, that it’s inoperable and imagine never having to tell someone, or hear the words yourself: “sorry but it’s just too late”.  

Imagine being able to slap this insidious disease down every single time it attempted to rear its head.  

Imagine the power of the universe as our ally in this fight.

From the Director

For nearly a century, chemicals have led the way in cancer treatment but what if the reign of chemistry was drawing to a close and the age of physics-based cancer treatment was preparing to dawn?  I believe this time is upon us.

Here at Triochron, we aren’t content with developing a solution that boasts a ten percent, or a fifty percent, or even an eighty percent success rate – we want nothing short of complete victory.

Ultimately, I believe that is what Project Mirramar will deliver because whether cancer likes it or not, nothing develops an immunity to physics.


To read more about Project Mirramar, please visit our medical research division website at Triochron Medical.